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Katie is a fantasy illustration artist with a background in fine art. Her focus is on fantastical creatures with strong roots in our natural world, working in both digital and traditional mediums she weaves color and movement into her visual storytelling. Landscapes and environments play a large role in her works, as the setting to a story always starts with a place, and all are important details.

In summer 2015 Kamakru Art, LLC was established as Katie officially launched her art career as an independent artist , with some freelance included.  Experience and published projects include book covers, tabletop gaming illustration, art books, concept art, and landscape and wildlife artwork. 

Published Work 
Book covers have included work for The Destiny of Dragons series Axintstone and Impossible Magic
2016 Monsters & Dames art book by Emerald City Comic Con
Tabletop gaming illustrations for Break From Reality Games for their popular Grip Mats series
Self published: "I saw a dragon today" coloring book, 4 full color art & sketchbooks (various years), and several pure sketchbooks.

~~ 2016 Convention Schedule  ~~

RustyCon (Seattle, WA) - January 15-17

NorWesCon (Seattle, WA) - March 24-27 (art show only, but attending)

Emerald City Comicon (Seattle, WA) - April 7-10

Puli-Con (Puyallup, WA) - May 7

Lilac City Comicon (Spokane, WA) - May 14

Denver Comicon (Denver, CO) - June 17-19

Rose City Comicon (Portland, OR) - September 10-11

Steamposium (Seattle, WA) - September 23-25

Geek Girl Con (Seattle, WA) - October 8-9

Jet City Comic Show (Tacoma, WA) - Nov.5-6