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(Inktober 2016) Ink and Coffee #4 - The Kraken

"The Kraken is a legendary sea monster of giant size that is said to dwell off the coasts of Norway and Greenland. The English word kraken is taken from Norwegian. In Norwegian Kraken is the definite form of krake, a word designating an unhealthy animal or something twisted"

So far this piece is the running favorite =]
Although this series started as part of the Inktober challenge, I've converted it into a series based around creatures of folklore. Each piece is done on coffee stained watercolor paper, and the entire series when complete will launch on Kickstarter in a full color book.

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- Arches watercolor paper (140 lb), coffee stained
- Black India Ink
- White gouache
- White Signo Uni-Ball gel pen