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Ink & Coffee - "The Black Dog Oschaert"

Oschaert, a malicious creature in the shape of either a black dog or dark horse, roamed the city of Hamme, Belgium, who terrorized and attacked lost travelers on their way through the small city. Its favorite trick was to jump on their backs, pinning them down or crushing them under its weight.
Oschaert was especially dangerous to people with a bad conscience and the victim could only escape the monster's grip by finding a crossroad and choose the right path or by seeing a picture of the Virgin Mary.
One day, after many years of despair and fright, the creature was finally overcome by a local priest, who banished Oschaert to the sea for ninety-nine years."

- Part of an ongoing series in Inks on coffee stained paper based around creatures of folklore and mythology. Once complete the series will be compiled into an art book.

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