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(Inktober 2016) Ink and Coffee #3 - Ka-En-Ankh Nereru

"Ka-En-Ankh Nereru from Egyptian mythology, is described as a great cosmic serpent who's body stretches from horizon to horizon across the sky. Each day as the sun sets, the Sun god Ra enters the serpents tail and traverses the length of the great serpents body until he emerges from the mouth in the morning, rejuvenated and ready to begin his daily journey across the skies once more."

Although this series started as part of the Inktober challenge, I've converted it into a series based around creatures of folklore. Each piece is done on coffee stained watercolor paper, and the entire series when complete will launch on Kickstarter in a full color book.

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- Arches watercolor paper (140 lb), coffee stained
- Black India Ink
- White gouache
- White Signo Uni-Ball gel pen