I'm not an idle person who waits for opportunities but instead creates them. Some of the work I do is for private clients with some freelance book illustration and tabletop gaming artwork mixed in. Special area of focus is in the fantasy genre - in need of dragons, creatures, fairies, and angels, or maybe a cool environment? I'm your gal.

The bulk of my artwork are personal illustrations, to which I create my inventory to run my business. I will often sell at conventions in the greater North West, including Emerald City Comic Con, Denver Comic Con and Geek Girl Con.

Experience includes a range of mediums in both digital and traditional. Each piece of art is worked in the media that best fits the feel or need of the piece. Fantasy themes will cross both digital and traditional, while fine art pieces - such as birds and other wildlife - will most often be done traditionally.


  • Illustration
  • Book Cover Illustration
  • card art
  • tabletop game art
  • Software Proficiency



    Illustrator (Freelance)

    Break From Reality Games
    January 2014 - February 2014 | Seattle

    Created specific play mats in the Grap Mats project

    Illustration responsibilities included 3 separate score tracking mats, a large scale topographic city (intact and destructed city versions), a large scale sky with moon and clouds and a cavernous maze.